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  • 18 June - Gosling's Taste/Awards/Steak Fry
  • 19 June -  Customs the Skipper's Meeting/Weather Brief
  • 20 June - Bermuda One-Two DH Leg
  • 29 June - 2019 Awards

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16 June - Some of us went swimming at the beach near Blackbeard's Hideout. Afterwards 10 of us ate at Blackbeard's Hideout. A lot of the skippers ate down town for the evening meal.

15 June 1400 - The final results are posted. In the evening The Gombey Dancers put on a demonstration of their art for us and afterwards Brenda put on a Fish Fry for 40 people.

15 June - 0116 Trouble No Trouble text "I'm about 12 nm off kitchen shoal. I imagine i'll be in the cut around 3 am. Enjoy the Swizzle.  See you in the morning.
can see that Trouble No Trouble is approaching the finish however he doesn't have his ears on.
0430 Trouble No Trouble finished and with that the first leg is complete!

14 June - Results corrected for Bluebird and Corvus due to incorrect handicaps.
0845 Trouble No Trouble text "I've got the Genoa patched, sewn and held together with sail ties.  All is well. I'm going to just sail hard for Bermuda. Best wishes.
0910 806 email "Everything remaining the same (yeah right) my GPS is giving me a provisional finish eta of 16:35 tomorrow."
1648 Trouble No Trouble text "I'm about 50 miles out, I'm limping my way to the finish line. All is well. I aim for a 3 am finish but good sailing and luck could make that 0130 -0200 (Roy Comment "not quite"). I'll check in around 2000 unless the chef is serving that 16 ounce porterhouse and mashed potatoes he promised. Wait, they make that in freeze dried??? Oh for a nice cheeseburger..."
2014 806 finished!
2157 Bolero called in approaching the finish.
2214 Bolero reported finish.  Looks like Trouble No Trouble will finish in day light morning tomorrow.
1800 While these three boats (806, Bolero, Trouble No Trouble) were still racing 20 people except one volunteer (Eric stayed to man the comms) enjoyed an evening at the Swizzle Inn with food and of course pitches of rum Swizzle.

13 June Draft results are posted.
1152 Yeah Baby finished.
1509 Gryphon finished. St-Pierre & Miquelon is 2.5 hrs behind Gryphon.
1706 St-Pierre & Miquelon finish.
2100 Trouble No Trouble text "Conditions are nice but I'm sailing slow because of a ripped headsail. As you know, Rodolphe si finishing and Tony is about 30 mi ahead of me. At this rate I may have a Saturday finish. All is well, I'm just a little frustrated and disappointed, but will be in the onion patch.

13 June 0530: Zipporah finished around midnight, actually 2353
0334 Lark finished.
Sieriana is docked at the town dock after clearing customs last evening.
Dirigo, Wild Goose II, Zipporah and Lark anchored waiting to clear customs this morning starting at 0700 (EDT).
Velocity Girl about to finish about 6:30.
0530 Corvus hailed 1.5 hours out with Flying Turtle behind him.
0651 Flying Turtle finished with Velocity Girl near behind and Corvus near behind Velocity Girl. Between the 3 boats finishing and 4 boats at anchor we will be busy docking for a while.
0745 Corvus finish.
0931 Bluebird finish with Yeah Baby next and Gryphon after that.
Trouble No Trouble text "I'm texting in that everything is well. Wind is 11 knots but I can barely make 2.5. Maybe the seagrass?? No complaints though. Tony and Rodolphe e-talked by text and they are fine."

12 June 2000: Lark text "35 miles out from turning the corner 245T 8 kts."
Zipporah text "Ops NORMAL!"
806 email "Slow day trying to crawl out of windhole. Just been working my way round a thunderstorm. Was visited by a Bermuda Fairy? Tern while becalmed. Getting closer. Not sure of the name if the bird. Has lovely long yellow tail."
2104 Zipporah announces 3 hours to finish.
2139 Dirigo finish
2242 Wild Goose II finish

12 June 0800: Tight looking finish for Class 5 the Class 40s.
text "Ck in, 254T 13 kts. Just had a chat with Flying Turtle, all ok."
Zipporah emailed "Ops NORMAL!"
Corvus emailed "All's well, Wind 13 kts at 268"
Trouble No Trouble called in, but the conversation with him was very short because the transmission was cut off. But he says that he is doing good, always doing good, though stated that it just figures that after putting up with three days of 25+ knots of wind, he is now essentially becalmed. Shortly after that comment, communication was cut off."
Marauder texted that he is about 2 hours from finish at 0720.  Evidently I can hear them on VHF and they can't hear me. Not as high up as Bermuda Radio.
Dirigo emailed "What a difference a day makes. From getting our heads kicked in in the stream to just beautiful champagne sailing today. Totally exhausted but well and enjoying the day. Have been in regular contact with Zipporah. Nice to hear a friendly voice once in awhile. Just heard from Wild Goose, he's doing fine as well. SW has me arriving around 2100 tonight. See you soon.
Seriana emailed "I've failed at my job. Once again, can't reach any one for a morning check in. Seriana is fine, nice day, 10 k breeze, SW lots of showers, alternating with sun."
Abilyn emailed "Iím trying to chase these Class 40s down! About 35 miles to northeast breakers, then another 6 to the finish. Went through multiple sail changes this morning at around 0445 to keep the boat going fast in a light, clocking breeze. J3 to code zero to A3 to J3 to J1. Settled with the J1 (156%), which is keeping me going at around 8 knots VMG. Hope to see you folks in a few hours!"
0850 Dragon finished
0859 Marauder finished
0913 First Light finished
1107 Privateer finished
1036 806 text "Died (wind) at 2am. Been chasing cats paws from cloud to cloud. Now no wind at all. Doing some housekeeping, hot shower, shave, breakfast!"
1410 Abilyn finshed.
1826 Seriana finished

11 June 2000: Dirigo emailed "All is well. Looks like a B line to Bermuda. Looking forward to getting there."
Lark text "winds 247 at 15 kts.
Marauder text "Just wanted to check in as I haven't been able to raise anyone in my class for 2 check ins. Everything is good here, about 100 nm out.
Corvus emailed "All's well. Nobody reachable on radio net. Winds 17 kts at 246 . seas ,swells 2-3 ft"
Zipporah emailed "Ops NORMAL!"
Seriana emailed "I tried around 7 pm, but couldnt raise anyone. Seriana is fine, it was a beautiful day, there were some significant rain showers. Wind held steady at 10-15 south west."
Gryphon emailed "I saw and heard from Bluebird today. He confirmed that I am still broadcasting AIS which was a pleasant surprise. No one else from our class was in contact. I am doing ok without my electronics."
Trouble No Trouble called:  Brian Gray says that all is well with him. He is beating in SW winds that are still blowing 25+ kts, which is what he has been experiencing for most of the race. He would love the wind to shift a bit so that he could crack off and eat. He does not have any solar power, so he is conserving his batteries by hand steering. But he says that the weather has improved from what it had been. He has been texting regularly back and forth with both Rodolphe Victorri and Tony Leigh, the two other minis, and they reported to him that they are both doing OK as well.

11 June 1200: Corvus emailed "All's well. Had a bumpy and fast ride through the GS Meander last night. Had a brief chat with Lark at 0700. He reports all's well."
called via Krsten Wenzel that he has turned back for RI. Lots of reasons but Ray is wet but OK.
Trouble No Trouble called in at 0822 saying that he is having a great morning and that all is good onboard. He is through the Gulf Stream with a heading towards BDA, and is hoping for a SW wind so that he can kike everyone's butts.
Dragn emailed "No radio contact from other boats this morning. Late email cuz I have been on deck yachting.  I took a gamble last night at 0230 and went back over on the other board. It meant heading SW and worse VMG but it took me to the shift and gave me better angle.  The gamble is that by giving up 2nd place and 5 some odd miles to Marcus I will not only get those back but also have a shot of catching Privateer. The next 4 or 5 hours will make or break the strategy.
Abilyn emailed " Not where I thought it would be. As much as I would have loved to finish with no autopilot and no instruments, I got them working again (after disconnecting my Garmin displays from the mast). That was causing the whole system to crater out. Got back all pertinent boat data and, most importantly, autopilot."
806 emailed "All ok. Contact established with Brian. Bumpy night with solid 25-30 apparent. Finding it hard to get the boat balanced today. Big chunks of weed on the rudders don't help.Now well out of Gulf Stream but I missed the ride south on the meander I think.
Seriana emailed "I did hear from Flying Turtle at 8:15 am, he said hes limping along"

11 June 0600: Abilyn a
a series of emails "Autopilot computer down on Abilyn. Trying to figure out problem. Hove to. / Cannot repair pressing on for now. / Full electronics malfunction. Electricity is working. But no nav instruments. Can not identify issue. Boat can still be sailed...250 miles to Bermuda. / Update: have jury (Jerry?) rig working on the autopilot. Bungees attached to spin sheets going through spin blocks to winches. Keeping sails full and me pointed to Bermuda.
Lark text - wind 210 at 16 kts.
Gryphon text - lost autopilot (have Monitor wind vane). Lost halyard to Solent. Still proceeding to Bermuda.
(Roy comment: tough night!)
Wild Goose II called - said he is near the rhumbline (25 miles) after just exiting the Gulf Stream. Reports that the wind is SW at 20 kts, and the seas are much calmer now that he is out of the stream. No sun, but he hoping it will come out so that he can start to dry things out. Has been unable to raise anyone on his UHF radio.
Flying Turtle I guess Murray solved his problem, he is trekking on to Bermuda.

10 June 2000: Lark sent text "187T at 16 kts.
Zipporah emailed "Ops normal"
Gryphon emailed "I have just been in touch with Bluebird. He has lost his Iridium GO!. He asked me to contact you so you can contact his wife Jan and let her know he is alright except for ďlumpy seas.Ē I can try and relay a msg back to him if you or Jan would like but this is the first time I have been within radio contact of him. I did confirm that we are both on stb tack. I get text msgs faster than emails."
Dragon emailed "All good out here. Was only able to get Marauder on the VHF during chat, but I can see him about 2 miles away. He is doing well.
The wind dropped to 10knots or so and clocked to the south. We both tacked on the shift since it made the other board more favorable. Now it's just a matter of waiting for a forecasted shift to southwest that should lift us right towards the finish line.
Lots of weed out here, robbing me of speed. As soon as you back down, more accumulates. I did. Ot see much in the stream but its everywhere south of the stream. That's all for now.
Highlander call said that Mike Chapman will be going to Block Island to meet up with Jon to help him sail back to either Newport or Tiverton.
Trouble No Trouble called in at 1908 hours. He is fine and said that all is well with him. Wiring repairs to electrical panel are ďsuperb.Ē Has not been able to raise Tony Leigh, but has been texting Rodolphe Victorri, St-Pierre & Miquelon, regularly, and he is also doing just fine.
Seriana emailed "I couldnt raise anyone in any class. Seriana is fine, a little damp from lots of rain showers. wind 14 k shifted to south, seas moderate.
Corvus emailed "all's well. spoke to gryphon but garbled transamission. appears he's doing well. wind 19 kts at 203 degrees."
Flying Turtle Murray's wife called to say that Murray has turned around and headed back to home.  He found a rudder bearing leak and decided to handle it at home.  Number 8!

10 June 1600: Wild Goose II emailed "Everything good here. just approaching the end of the Gulf Stream. No unusual weather or sea states. Entering the last 300 plus miles."
Cepheus emailed "Will be back in Boston by 7pm. Marianne brought me a plane ticket and we will both come down on Wednesday and spend time at the beach the bar and with the B1-2. Advil and as much rest as possible while sailing is really helping the back and ribs after getting slammed into the corner of the stove by a big broadside wave yesterday morning - part of the reason for turning back.
Nimros called: Doug turned around because he said he experienced multiple equipment failures which made him feel uncomfortable about continuing the race. His wind vane would not latch properly, while his other two sets of self-steering gear failed as well. He also had problems with his Genoa roller-furling, so that he was unable to shorten sail when the wind started to blow 25kt+. (That was the reason we saw him change tacks twice yesterday Ė he was trying to clear it.) He was finally able to resolve the furling issue, but once he finally straightened it out and started to head south again, he discovered that he was only able to sail on starboard tack because when sailing on port tack, the furling gear somehow hung up on the bow pulpit. Other than being a bit battered from being tossed about Ė sustaining some minor cuts and bruises Ė he is fine, and at 1209, he was 5 miles out of Newport on his way back to East Greenwich.
Trouble No Trouble called into the Duty Desk: yet another short and garbled phone message from Brian Gray. He said he was into the Gulf Stream and that everything with him is fine. I think I made out that he had been in contact with Rodolphe Victorri on Shanawdithit, and that he was doing fine as well.
Zipporah emailed that he is doing fine.
Highlander emailed "As you most likely know by now I am sad to report I am retiring. Got 280 miles out. Went to charge bats and oil alarm came on. Did some investigation in very difficult conditions and I think the engin seemed up. Totally bummed. On my way home. Most likely late Wednesday."
St-Pierre & Miquelon emailed "Everything ok. A bit wet. Wind 090 20/25. Nobody around. From 830. Good night."

10 June 0800: At Logan waiting for my flight with Ted.  Flow called to say he has too many things to sort out with the boat before he trys to do the race again and decided to withdraw and headed back to Maine.
Highlander called and said he is heading back also.  The oil light came on last night, he shut it down and this morning the motor wouldn't start. He says the conditions are challenging with squalls.
806 emailed: "esterday was very rough and windy did not spend much time below deck because of violent motion of boat. Had a good night, caught up on some sleep. Chatted with Bolero who is saying this is the longest trip he has done! He must be close or he has a very powerful radio. Can hear Corvus but he can't hear me." Nice to hear Juan is talking to other boats.
Wild Goose II called that he was just entering the Gulf Stream, and that all is well with him.
Corvus emailed "Chatted with Bolero who is saying this is the longest trip he has done! He must be close or he has a very powerful radio. Can hear Corvus but he can't hear me. all's well did not reach anybody at 7 am radio call in. In the stream getting 3.5 kt favorable current. bumpy ride. twd 156 m. 19 kts.
Dragon emailed "All good on Dragon. Heard from First Light, who has a damaged maIn sail batten receptical that he is working on but otherwise is good. Its blowing 16 from the SE, and we are beating due south. Out of the Stream at this point.
Seriana emailed "I could not raise anyone. all good with seriana although some slow going out west. winds south south east 12 k, seas lumpy"
Abilyn emailed "Didnít connect with anybody at checkin. Earlier in the afternoon, I have 4 knots of favorable current in the meander, but boat-breaking conditions with wind against current: short chop, lots of hard falls off waves. I seemed to have found refuge to the west, but with not as much current. Iíll take it! Heading back towards rhumb. I'm too far west. Would love if I could crack off at some pint and level out. It's been on the nose since castle hill. Didn't hear from anybody at this morning's check in. But I see from YB data that flying turtle is to the east and close. Those guys made up time last night by being farther east.
Bluebird emailed "No contact itís anyone else."  All is good.
St-Pierre & Miquelon emailed "Everything ok. A bit wet. Wind 090 20/25. Nobody around. From 830. Good night

9 June 2000: Corvus emailed "as not able to establish radio contact with any other class 4 boats at 1900. All well on Corvus. Wind 19 kts  at 087 M.  wavves 3-5 ft. estimated".
Trouble No Trouble called that he hasn't heard from anyone. Also his solar panel is not working and will work on it over night.
Seriana emailed "
couldn't raise any class 2. Flow is 5 mi dead ahead of me. we talked and hes fine. He couldn't raise anyone either since Flying Turtle in am. All good on Seriana, cracked off, after lumpy morning close hauled. pleasant afternoon with good breeze , now for the gulf stream.
Lark texted wind is 85 degrees 16 kts.
Corvus emailed "just chatted with gryphon and 806. both doing well"
Dirigo emailed "All is well on Dirigo. Still sailing with reefed jib and main. Hard to move about the boat. My shoes that I bought are slipperier than ice skates. We can have a bruise contest when we get to the island. GPS says that I should hit my entry point of the top of the stream around 2300. Hoping that the winds get away from the bow soon so that we can have a smoother sail. So much for light conditions. I've been hard on the wind since we left. This morning the wind kicked up to around 19kts. so to make the ride smoother I put in a double reef. Wind finally backed to more out of the east hope it stays that way so that I can climb back up towards the rhumb and my waypoint for the stream. Other than that things are well on Dirigo. Talked to Zipporah, He has only been monitoring ch16 for AIS purposes. That's where I got him. I told him to scan 13,16, & 72. He's well and says that he's been having intermittent SAT phone trouble. Told him his wife wants him to continue.
Dragon emailed "Sunday evening update. Could only raise Marauder on VHF and broken transmission at that. He reports all Ok. All is good on Dragon. Still close hauled, in 15 to 19. Wind is a bit shifty. Skies are overcast and air temps are relatively cool for water temps of 77. Fully in the stream and getting a 1.5 to 2 knot push. Its uneven or filimentous as Frank would say. Time for some freeze dried.
Zipporah emailed that he is OK.

9 June 1530: Nimros is back on course to Bermuda.  No idea why the zig.  Cepheus is heading back home; his rig has a problem and his sat phone isn't working (hailed Corvus on VHF) but he is quite fine. Caroline is on his way home; autopilot failure.
Finally was able to reply to 806.  He is in contact with Rodolphe.
Finally heard from Abbilyn via email.  Evidently he had it set up wrong but fixed it. "I thought it was going to be light! All are doing well. Iím currently in a J3 and reefed main in 20-22 knots and a lumpy sea state approaching the meander.
Alchemy emailed: "Iím proceeding to Newport under own power. CG dropped the rudder out so I could use the erudder. Sorry Iíll miss the fun!"
Zipporah emailed: "Did talk with Caroline last night"

9 June 1116 Caroline -  "autopilot failure, may turn back home."  Looks like he did.
Nimros is heading back but he hasn't contacted us.

9 June 0800 - The following was reported:
Cepheus - Lark and Cepheus checked in at 7am. All well on both boats although the ride is bumpy. cheers
Lark - Wind 116, lots of bangin off waves. 16 kts 117 degrees.
Alchemy - The fishing line hit the boat while I was looking at radar and sailing about 7.5 knots. It ripped the rudder out of both bearings. Iím taking on water but the hole is above the waterline so itís manageable. Alas the wiggly rudder overpowers my emergency rudder when I either sail or power, so Iím waiting for a coast guard tow. Iíd appreciate your putting a status update on the website so my friends that are tracking know Iím ok. One of those unlucky breaks.
Cepheus emailed: I heard from Cepheus and Lark relayed through flying Turtle. All good, no issues. same here with Seriana. 15 k wind lumpy seas.
Yeah Baby text: Things are very bumpy out here. I have a first reef and 115% for a jib.  20 knot wind close hauled.
Dragon emailed: It's gotten more sporty at the front end of the fleet. Winds are now are low 20s with puffs to 25 and we are close hauled into a short choppy wave state which is making the slamming increase. Nothing horrendous but its wet and a bit uncomfortable. On the plus side it's clear skies and things are warming up. Everything is good on Dragon, and I heard from Marauder and Privateer during the morning chat. All good there. I also heard from Kyle around 0100 or so. He had blown out his solent and was turning around to head back to Newport.
Trouble No Trouble - 22 kts close hauled, lumpy. Heard from Rodolphe but not from 806. Tried texting 806 sat phone but no reply.
Corvus - 0830 hours Winds 17 knots at 121 magnetic. Course 185. Seas somewhat lumpy with water coming into cockpit occasionally. Missed radio call at 0700, was busy retrieving my code zero after my carbon fiber sprit failed . Retrieved sail I damaged sail successfully and retrieved sprit pieces.

9 June 0555 - Impulse left a message that we could not understand. Realized he was on the way back to Newport moving pretty good. Called Kyle back. Still had a hard time understanding via the sat phone but he said something about having to get a new main and jib.

9 June 0130 - Alchemy called me that his rudder caught a fishing line and that it broke his rudder. Took his sails down and will wait till the morning to investigate more and switch to his emergency rudder and head back to Newport, RI. He is fine otherwise.  USCG First District Command Center Boston, Marine Safety Office and Tracking was alerted to his status.

8 June 2000 - The following was reported tonight:
Corvus called that he has heard from Bluebird, Nimros, Gryphon and Bolero.  Gryphon is having autopilot problems but the wind vane is working fine. Wind is 138 at 14 kts.  All good.  Nice sailing.
Dragon emailed: All good out here. The five Class40s are all in visual range. Moving well, close hauled in breeze from 10 to 14. Shifting through 20 degrees or so. No boats reporting issues, couple of whales sited by one boat.
Seriana text: have reports from all class 2 except Zipporah. All are doing well, beautiful afternoon. 10-12K close hauled, Lark leading the pack.
Dirigo emailed: Having instrument electronics problems. Working through them. Otherwise, all else is good and nice sailing along close hulled trying to climb or stay close to the rhumb. I will attempt to send this out later tonight. It's 1440 now.
Caroline text: Hello hello all is well here. Class 3 reporting. Aggressive is all good, yeah baby is all good, he just switched his headsail from 150 to the 115. I also spoke to wild goose and alchemy. Everybody reported great sailing, no known problems. Once again all good great sailing 9 knots of wind. Highlander also checked in and is doing great. Zipporah also a.o.k.
Lark text: Ck in. Wind 125 10 kts.

8 June 1400 - And they are off.  The day started with breakfast and Doug Mann's wife being taken to the hospital in the ambulance with kidney stones.  Doug made it to the starting line in time for his Class 2 staart.  Mary is doing well.  Mary is supposed to do leg 2 with Doug.  We had a nice light but strong enough to race wind out of the NE and N.  There was racing all around us; Leukemia Cup, Sail Newport Youth Championships and New York YC IC37s!  All the starts went off without a hitch however Victory Girl decided to liven the race up by starting 1 minute earlier than his class was supposed to start and with the spinnaker up.  Get confused on the various horns?  So they are on the way and expect to hear from some of them tonight after their 7pm chat time.  All 28 boats started.
RC was made up of Erick Langley (driver), Roy Guay (timer & radio), Roger Fontaine (horn), Caryn Cummings & Cathy Singsen (flags), Jane Fontaine (checkin) and Bill Shea (pictures).

7 June - Skipper's Meeting was held at the Newport Yacht Club.  Frank Bohlen gave another update brief of the status of the Gulf Stream and Joe Sienkiewicz gave a brief on what to expect for weather (lots of Highs and week Lows).  Tomorrow we start at 1100 EDT.

6 June - We had an amazing turnout for the Skipper's Send Off Party. Past skippers that weren't even racing came down.  Thanks for making it quite a success.

2 June - Rodolphe Victorri changed the name of his boat from Shanawdithit to St-Pierre & Miquelon.

1 June - The calendar has been updated to include the activities in Bermdua.

1 June - NOR Amendment 2 has been posted for the new team trophy, The Jeff Spranger Team Trophy.

31 May - Frank Bohlen sent us the second note on the Gulf Stream.  Boy has it changed.

30 May - The race viewer is now up however not all data is up yet. Click the menu item Tracker Map just under "Home" on the left.

8 May - Frank Bohlen has provided an analysis of conditions on the Rhumb Line Npt-Bda. Download

22 April - Frank Bohlen's links have been posted from the March Skippers' Forum/Shore Party.

Potential Skippers For 2019 - Bert Barrett, Murray Beach, Jonathan Bixby in his Tarton 3500, Robert Brown in a new to him Freedom 44 (another one!), Marcus Cochran in his newly acquired Class 40 Marauder, Fred Cosandey (maybe) on his new 44' boat, Murray Danforth, Sam Fitzgerald in Class 40 First Light, Jon Burt, Brian Gray on his mini Trouble No Trouble, Jonathan Green is his Class 40 Privateer, Roy Greenwald, Philip Haydon, Michaeal Hennessy in his Class 40 Dragon, Vernon Hultzer in his mini now called Thunder (alias Team WIchard), Eric Johnson on Dirigo, Tony Leigh on his mini 806, Rick McCally, Patrick McFadden, Tristan Mouligne in a Class 40 (maybe), John Niewenhous (last raced in 2005 in a J/120) in his Class 40 Loose Fish, Alessandro Pagani on Luna, Alan Paris on a new Figaro 3, Josh Reisberg in his J/120 (slight upgrade from the mini), Marc Rotenberg on Odyssey a 409 Jeanneau, Walter Rush in Gryphon another Morris Justine 36, Henry Schultz on his Pearson 40, Jason Seibert in his newly acquired Schock 40 Gamble, Craig Smith on his Catalina 380 "Yeah Baby", David Southwell in his J/121 Alchemy, Dan Stadtlander, Noel Sterrett, Gust Stringos, Chris Terajewicz, Dan Walsh, Stanley White in his Xc38 Lark.

Skippers that have done qualifiers: Walter Rush, Rick Rohrer, Marc Rotenberg, Alessandro Pagani, Craig Smith.

2 March 2000 - About 35 people participated in the Skippers' Forum.  People came from all over, RI, CT NY, MA and ME.  We did the usual introductions of everyone present.  There were quite a few first time skippers present.  Frank Bohlen gave us his time and did a brief on the Gulf Stream and stressing the importance to start watching the stream well before the start.  Mike Hennessy gave as a brief on his racing in the Route de Rhum where he finished 12th out of 35 finishers and 50 something starters.  Many questions were asked of Mike and it was an interesting Q&A period.  Roy Guay gave a brief reminder on Safety Check process and the calendar.  Everyone, including the bar people, food provided by Caryn Cummings, Jim Oblinger, Jody Sullivan and Donna Bouressa.  They showed up at the yacht club around 1000 during the snow storm to provide the food for us.  Frank Bohlen's brief is now posted.

2 March - We are still planning on having the Skipper's Forum/Party 3:30 pm at the Newport Yacht Club.  The yacht club is open and periodically plowed.  It is snowing however the snow is only supposed to happen in the morning.  However if you are uncomfortable driving to Newport we will understand.

6 February - The March newsletter is now posted.

13 January - Eight Bells to Bart Janney who passed away after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease.

1 January - Registration is now open online for this year's Bermuda One-Two race and we have our first entrant submittal.

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5 December - An Amendment to the NOR was oisted,

6 November - The Notice of Race is now published and downloadable as well as the calendar.

3 November - Skippers' Forum/Shore Party. About 40 people attended.  Absolutely wonderful to see so many people; new people not planning on doing the race (yet?), new people planning on doing the race next year and past skippers.  Jon Green gave a pitch on how he prepares for the Safety Check.  Jon is organized! I talked about the upcoming schedule and a few changes to the NOR.  For example the flare requirements were reduced a little.  Also we are planning an a Team Trophy called the Geoffrey Spranger Team Trophy. Details still being worked.  The NOR should be published real soon now.

9 October - The October 2018 Newsletter has been posted.

2 August - Eight Bells for Jeff Spranger.  Jeff unexpectedly passed away, 85, today due to congestive heart failure.

17 May - Eight Bells for Bjorn Johnson. Bjorn passed away Tuesday. By my records he was 64 for last year's Bermuda One-Two race where he did the return leg with Noel Sterrett. Bjorn has done 5 B12 races on his own boats plus two returns with Noel Sterrett. Bjorn has been on our Offshore Committee for almost as long as I have been the chairman helping out with safety standards and doing many safety checks for the races. He will be missed.  The following was just posted on Scuttlebutt: https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2018/05/17/eight-bells-bjorn-johnson/

2/6/2018 - The March newsletter is now posted.  Online registration for the Offshore 160 and New England Solo/Twin races is now open.

12/18 - In the interest of sharing upcoming seminars and courses that we think may be of interest to our sailing community, please find  a flier about a one-day lifesaving and life raft usage course. Please note that although the course is not until April 21, sign-ups must be received by mail before January 31 to guarantee a space. This course is very thorough and includes most of the hands-on portions not usually found in a typically course, which is unusual and one reason that we are sharing it. Severl Bermuda One-Two skippers have praised this course.

11/4 - About 40 people showed up for the fall Skippers' Forum/Shore Party at the Newport Yacht Club.  Tristan Mouligne introduced to the crowed his potential 3rd generation skipper newly born Theo Patrick Mouligne.  Congrats to both parents.  Stanley Paris wasn't there but I mentioned that his new schedule is to leave 18 November for his 3rd attempt around the world this time in Kiwi Spirit II which he sailed in this year's Bermuda One-Two Race.  Zach Lee emailed me that he couldn't make the meeting since he was at the St. George's Dinghy and Sports Club doing a delivery.  Brenda says hi to us all.  Joe Harris, past B12 skipper, gave a wonderful show and tell about his sailing around the world.  Lots of discussion afterwards about his trip.  Also lots of gab about everything to food from Caryn Cummings and Jim OblingerRobert Brown and Laura Reuter announced that their Freedom 32 Carina that they have raced in the past two races was destroyed in a recent local storm however they also announced that they have found a replacement boat; Freedom 44!  The race has seen two other Freedom 44s in the past; Frog Kiss and Betelgeuse.  Quite an upgrade for Bob and Laura.

Joe Cooper, representing Hood Sailmakers, announced that it is the intention of Hood Sailmakers to renew their sponsorship of the Newport Yacht Club/BDA1-2 races for the next four race cycle through New England Solo Twin 2019. This incorporates the Offshore 160 and NE Solo Twin in 2018 and the 2019 Bermuda 1-2 and the NE Solo twin for that year.


11/1 - Our own Peter McCrea awarded "Points East's Yachtsman of the Year".  See article here.

28 September - The October Newsletter is now available.  Joe Harris will brief us on his around the world trip on his Class 40!

7 August - The dates are set for the 2019 Bermuda One-Two. 
Saturday 8 June - Start to Bermuda
Tuesday 18 June - - Awards in Bermuda
Thursday 20 June - Start to Newport
Saturday 29 June - Awards in Newport

30 June - Pictures have been uploaded to the Photo Gallery.

28 June - Spadefoot is on it's way to Bermuda.  Justin has arranged to salvage it.

24 June - The Newport Awards were held with about 70 people attending.  Mayor Harry Winthrop participated and handed out some trophies.

21 June - For those that might be curious Spadefoot is still reporting and traveling south at the moment.
2043 Carina
finished.  "We beat last race's time!"  Last boat in!  They were in a slip at the Newport YC by 2230.
0800 - Tyche
emailed me.  In response to my question verifying his withdrawal.  "Yes, we withdrew. Had we not we'ed still be there!" Tyche due here around noon.  Carina due to finish around 2100.
0436 Halcyon finished.

20 June - 2104 Panacea finished.
1850 Nimros
1752 Corvus
0935 Tyche emailed me.  "Finally escaped the stream. If wind holds we'll see you Wed."

20 June - 0249 In Concert finished.
0158 Praire Gold
0045 Aggressive

19 June 1100 - Prairie Gold - "Aggressive and Prairie Gold just checked in. All is well on both vessels and we continue to push one another until R2."
2217 Cordelia finished
2148 Concussion finished
2143 Yankee Girl finished
2145 Dianthus finished
806 InReached me. "All ok on 806. Wet and bumpy ride at the moment. 78 miles to go, eta 7-8am Tuesday."
1800 - Concussion
InReached me. "24 miles out. Dense fog. Tiger Shark still following. Spirits are good. Hopeful for a finish."

19 June - 1726 Upstart finished.
1449 Choucas
1446 Gillett Children's Hospital
1349 Seriana

19 June 1331 - Concussion emailed me. "We are now being escorted in by USCG Cutter Tiger Shark. We are still under sail and intend to finish the race." emai
1024 Cordelia emailed me.  "No contact on the radio this morning although we were close enough to hear Dianthus and Concussion conversing about their mast problem. They could not hear us. At 10 am Concussion seemed to have it under control and had a pod of dolphins as an escort. The Coast Guard is on way to stand by. Our summary of this trip: one blown out spinnaker, one blown out Code Zero, a life raft that tried to jump overboard when its cradle restraint ripped loose, and a torn outhaul on the main that requires a constant reef since the Gulf Stream. Just another day at the office.
Prairie Gold emailed me.  "At 10:30am this morning Prairie Gold's assym spinn was shredded. Pieces were recovered and special offers on sailbags (red white and blue) can be placed at NYC upon our arrival."
Windswept emailed me.  "This is definitely sports boat weather! It would be fun to watch Toothface or Inigo Montoya scream by, but they have probably already finished. I'll bet the minis are cranking up some impressive numbers. Windswept is hitting over nine knots at times. we are hand steering in half hour shifts as the autopilot is not up to the task, given the sea state and wind conditions. We could shorten sail and use the auto pilot, but what fun is that? If conditions persist, we should be finishing around noon tomorrow."

19 June 0800 - Trouble No Trouble emailed me.   "TNT831 is sailing along and enjoying this beautiful reach back to Newport. Reeves has finished his copy of War and Peace and expects to complete The House of Usher if we keep up our current rate. He has also finished his initial patent work on a new way to prevent "Rumpy" using paper towels, duct tape bilge sponges. That boy is going to be a millionaire someday. All is well here and we hope your week is shaping up to be a good one."
0746 - Breakaway finished.
0825 - Barcanova finished
0830 - Solarus finished
Prairie Gold emailed me.  "Just noticed the time and forgot to monitor for the 7am call. We have been flying a small assym kite since 6pm last night and we are spending a lot of time trimming to keep at hull speed and not to blow a panel. All is well here, although our fresh provisions from Bermuda needed to be discarded because they went off quickly. But we have eggs, bacon and freeze dried fuel. Looking forward to seeing you later."
Bluebird emailed me.  "Bluebird Report 40:02N 69:58W. Winds 20K Making 8-9 K with spinnaker. Crew tired, but moving along in the right direction. Hope to be in Newport late tonight!"
Tyche emailed me.  "Tyche withdrew at 6. 45. 4.5 current on nose. Big seas."

19 June 0620 - Upstart called in that Concussion has put out a Pan Pan.  There is something wrong with his mast, reducing power and trying to limp into Newport.  Concussion is in contact with some unknown vessel.  The Coast Guard Woods Hole is aware of the situation.
0645 - Dianthus called in also about Concussion.  He is coming up from behind Concussion. "Mast is splitting at the partners"?
0655 - Choucas called in that he had heard Pan Pan from Concussion also.  Reported winds 22 kts out of 220 degrees, was 25 kts. Foggy, 63 nm out.
0739 - Upstart emailed me on Concussion.  "He told Dianthus to keep racing. CG has dispached a cutter. He is attempting a jury rig"
0755 - Concussion emailed me. "Uscg estimates 10 hours to intercept. We have designs on finishing the race. & The mast split at the exit hole for the instrument package. & We've lashed the mast with about 50' of dynema and coated it with west 610 epoxy. Dr. Ireland's fantastic idea to make a cast. Hopefully it will set. & Spirits are good. Splint is holding. Single reef main only. Trying to get over to the rhumb line before attempting a straight shot in. & We have a dolphin escort. 78 miles out."

19 June 0447 - Kiwi Spirit 2 finished.
Breakaway called in.  Blew out the spinnaker.  Under genoa and main.  20 kts @ 215 degrees.
806 emailed me.  "Mon am. All ok on 806 after a very cold night, making good progress. 180 nm miles to finish. Eta around 8am Tuesday at present rate of progress,

19 June 0200 - Concussion emailed me.  "Spinnaker shredded. Will fly main only until daylight." Another spinnaker bites the dust. Kiwi Spirit 2 expected to finish around 0415.

18 June 2013 - J Hawk finished.  Next boat around 0400 tomorrow morning.
Prairie Gold emailed me.  "I feel like land is within grasp, then I look at the charts :) Not in VHF range of anyone tonight for the call in - maybe we are going to different Newports"
Upstart emailed me.  "Spoke with Concussion at 7 and all is well. No other contacts".
Trouble No Trouble emailed me. "We were very excited to hear that dragon and toothface were taking hot showers and eating giant medium rare steaks.... oh, and then they came in and had dinner. Well, let me tell you that there's nothing like a lumpy freeze dried beef stroganoff! Especially when the jetboil singes your eyebrows. We are having a wonderful time on the teeny tiny version of a Class 40. Although we only get cold showers, low freeboard and all. TNT 250 miles from Newport. And having fun."
Concussino emailed me. "Spoke with Upstart. It's a beautiful day, and we are both happy to be out of a head current. All are well. Repaired spinnaker is holding."

18 June 1700 - Upstart emailed me. "Sunday 4.40pm all is well on UPSTART"
indirectly via Bonnie Van Slyke. He asked me to report to you that all is well. They are creeping along with no wind. He also said hand-steering has been exceptionally difficult. He said that "the people with autopilots don't know how good they have it." They have had no incidents, nothing breaking, and the Gulf Steam was a nonevent--set them off a few mikes but that was expected. They are alone--have not seen anyone nor heard radio traffic.

18 June 1500 - Concussion InReached me.  "Nice day in the North Atlantic. Patched up the big chute (we call her big Betty) did a Spinnaker peel. With the big girl up, we are high fiving on Concussion"
Windswept emailed me.  "There was no traffic on either VHF or SSB this morning. I guess everyone was sleeping in. We are out of the GS and heading for the barn with about 265 miles to go. The Boston coastal weather report calls for 10-15 knot SW winds for the next several days. Right now we have about 5-8 knots from the WSW and are making about 6 knots through the water thanks to Big Red. We are just passing what appears to be the Norwegian Dawn on it's way back to Bermuda.....brings back memories!"

18 June  - Prairie Gold emailed me.  "Rudy and I have been chasing up the tail end of fleet 3 being close to Aggressive overnight. We have been in the GS for several hours now with schools of dolphins. Freeze dried ice cream will be prepared to celebrate returning to the cold waters of the north when we exit the stream."
Inigo Montoya finished.  Nice tight grouping for the first 3 boats.
1012 Toothface 2
finished with Inigo Montoya not far behind.
finished about 1000.  First boat to finish.
Cordelia emailed me. :All by our lonesome now with no one else on the comm. Wind totally died last night. We even lowered the main and napped for an hour and a half. We have about 8 knots now out of the SW. Nice day...could use more wind, but we can at least also sail the rhumbline."

Corvus called in.  No VHF contact with anyone.  Repair in Bermuda didn't hold so sailing on main and staysail only; going slow.  Fine however.
Barcanova emailed me.  "we enjoyed a pleasant night sailing in a lumpy but mild southerly. Barcanova has the laundry out in anticipation of a more exciting night. Currently we're about 180 miles out and estimate we'll arrive at the finish about 0800 tomorrow morning. Rested and ready for the wind to build!"

18 June - When the boats get inside of 20nm their update rate goes to 15 minutes.

18 June 0800 - Looks like the first 3 boats will be finishing before noon, maybe around 1000.
called in.  Hasn't heard from anyone but in nice conditions.
InReached me.  "Good morning. Easy night except shower on Gerry's watch. Contactec P. Mccrea. Alls well. 6kt wind and smooth sea. Cheers"
InReached me.  "Sun am. All is well on 806. Crossing the Gulf Stream. Benign conditions but some counter current so we haven't nailed where we wanted to cross. No other boats in sight, vhf range or showing on AIS. No Dolphin sightings so far, hope we encounter some."
emailed me.  "Had a three way chat with Gillette Children and Concussion. Talks of spinnaker wraps and frustration GS crossing in light air. But all seems fine aboard the vessels."
emailed me.  "Greetings from Bluebird, and Happy Father"s Day! We had an interesting night in the Gulf Stream, with some nice showers washing the boat, some lightning, , then slow dying of the wind, not in our forecast! We are in the cooler green-gray waters of the Atlantic, moving slowly but at least out of the negative current and pointing towards Newport. May the SW breeze fill in!
Trouble No Trouble
emailed me.  "TNT had a nice evening. We are happy with our progress even though we lost the code zero and all furling headsails.
Reeves got hit in the face by a flying fish. No physical injuries but his ego was pretty bruised when he realized that a fish out of water had better VMG than he did.

17 June 2000 - Concussion InReached me.  "37 21 | 67 29. In the stream. H2O temp 80.1. about 12į of crab angle. Looks like weather on the horizon."
InReached me.  "Evening check in.  All is well n 806, even calm enough to have a salt water wash down on the aft sun deck this evenoing!!!"
emailed me.  "Talked with Dianthus, In Concert and Concussion. Concussion blew out a couple of sails today but all is well with everyone. Beautiful day and gorgeous sailing. Wind SSE at 10 - 15.
We had an adventure today on Cordelia. We were jibing when a preventer line on the mainsail boom got caught on an ear of the mount for our emergency life raft, which is on deck and in a big fiberglass canister. The ear is a turning point for the cable that holds the raft on. It bent the ear, the boat was heeling and the canister came out of its mounting cradle, careened onto the deck, and slid to the side rail and stopped! If it had gone overboard, it would still have been attached to the boat by its inflation cable. I assume it would have popped open and inflated and we would have been towing an inflated life raft. Lord knows what we would have done then. Canít retrieve it and reuse it, so we probably would have had to stop and sink it. As it was, we had it on the rail. I dashed up and stuck my leg between it and the lifelines so it would not slip overboard. Gail got a line and we made a netting between the rail and the lifelines so it could not slip through then or when we tried to hoist it back in place. We did get it back in place and all secured. So no harm, no foul. Just another day at the office.
We are entering the Gulf Stream as I type, at 1900 Saturday night. Wish we could head more westerly but the wind angle wonít allow it without a huge reduction in our speed. Oh well. All for now.
called in.  Put his spinnaker up 3 times today. In Concert is having furling problems. Cordelia doing fine in front.
Trouble No Trouble
emailed me.  "Fun day of sailing out here. Saw Nimros a few times came within a few hundred yards no one on deck to wave to today. We started heading westward and assume they are staying the eastern track. Great wind!!!"
Prairie Gold
emailed me.  "Aggressive and Prairie Gold were just in VHF contact. All is well on both vessels. We have had no contact with the rest of the fleet who we assume is well ahead of us."
emailed me.  "Just made it across the Stream. A wild ride! 25-30kts and the usual big seas. We survived without any major problems other than a few miles round ups and look forward to some mild reaching tonight. No contact with anyone for 24hrs. We did almost 249 miles yesterday and Del ripped a 17.2 kt ride."
emailed me.  "Life is good on Upstart at 6pm Saturday"

Upstart emailed me.  "11.50 on Saturday and all is well on Upstart"
J Hawk emailed me.  "doing ok out here. Got chute wrapped around head stay around 11 last Night, took 7 hours to get it secured around headstay with no flapping or little hourglass filled with air (could not get it down and proceedibg with it wrapped on headstay). Have used all available halyards to secure it, so if I cannot retrieve one of those just mainsail from here. We are fine."
Tyche InReached me. "Wing + wing in 8 Ė 10kt wind doing 6+. All is well.
Concussion InReached me. "36 39 | 67 04. We've been up a Spinnaker and battled with a few wraps. We've resigned, for now, to just a main sail." Sounds familiar. Then another one "blownup".
Breakaway called in. Heavy seas going downwind; good but also bad.  Moving right along.

17 June 1000 - Windswept emailed me.  No traffic on VHF or SSB. We crossed within a dozen yards of Prairie Gold last night. Thanks to AIS it was not the white knuckle experience it could have been. We are currently driving down wind in a lumpy sea. The randomness of the waves confuses the autopilot to the point that we have been hand steering since dawn. We hope to be at the GS entry point by the end of the day.

17 June 0800 - For those curious about why some boats aren't being tracked; Team Wichard is being shipped back due to the crack in the keel box; the designer recommended not sailing. Strummer is sailing to the Azores probably Sunday. Pocket Rocket started but had to return to St. Georges due to keel problem is being shipped home also.
Trouble No Trouble
emailed me. "All is well. Managing power. "
Tyche InReached me.  "Had an uneventful night and a good run with 10kt winds. All is well."
806 emailed me. "All is well on 806. We had had enough fun with spinnaker for one evening and decided to take it down at midnight as the concentration needed was getting tough in the dark. 20 knots of breeze still kept us moving along nicely all night. No comms with anyone else though Corvus was visible on AIS during the evening."
Cordelia emailed me.  "Itís a beautiful morning out here with winds SSE at 15+ knots and continuing to clock. Made contact with both Dianthus and In Concert. Everyone is well and enjoying the day. Yesterday In Concert blew out her Code 0 while Cordelia blew out her Asym. Neither has a spare, and with the winds aft of the beam, we are not pleased (although Dainthus is). We should hit the stream late today. All for now. Fair Winds."
Prairie Gold emailed me.  "All is well on Prairie Gold, We had a great night of sailing with the assym flying for most of the night to see if we could catch some boats after lagging yesterday. We have no idea where we stand in the fleet but are enjoying the conditions."
Dragon called in.  No one to talk to!  Winds 20 knots at 142 degrees.

16 June 2300 - Just got home!
Trouble No Trouble emailed me.  "Aside from our spin pole losing both furlers and outhauls, and our code zero exploding unspectacular fashion, we are having a great time! See you in Newport!"
Barcanova emailed me. "All's well here on Barcanova. We're at N 34 57 W 065 35 heading straight to Newport at about 9 knots I'm a very pleasant southeasterly. Haven't seen anybody since we emerged from the glassy slatfest at about 0600 this morning. Some hard reaching with various spins in the morning but a slight aft shift has calmed things down here. Champaign sailing! "
Cordelia emailed me in response to his saying TnT was headed back to Bermuda. "oh, crap! u r correct. I even wrote it in my log. Here i am trying to keep you informed and screwing it up. Sorry. At least you already knew."
Choucas emailed me.  "I have been sailing with a group of three boats within AIS signal. Gillette Children, Concussion and Seriana. All is well with these boats."
Windswept emailed me.  "No traffic on either VHF or SSB. I guess I am in my own private Idaho once more. We had been cruising with Blue Bird this morning, but he gave us the slip in some light air. The winds are now 10 to 15 knots from the ENE and we are making 7+ knots over the ground through a lumpy confused sea."
806 emailed me. "glad you are getting my messages. All is well on 806. The sea has calmed down and we are literally humming along having some fun surfing with the spinnaker up. 806 hums when she planes. We had a text from TnT earlier in the day that all is well although they are out of vhf range. We have one other boat within sight but are not sure which one. Did Pocket Rocket get into Bermuda safely ? Cheers,"

16 June 1300 - Pocket Rocket made it back to St George's and is docked.  He has retired and will ship the boat back ala Team Wichard.

16 June 0800 - Further information on Pocket Rocket, he had a similar problem with his keel to when he finished the first leg.  He was able to stabilize the keel and headed back to Bermuda not requiring any assistance.
Upstart emailed me.  7am wind has filled in and all is well with upstart, choucas, concussion, and barcanova.
Dragon called in.  18-22 knots from 094 and they are flying. Deep beam reach with beam seas so very wet ride.  He heard from Toothface and J Hawk who are both doing fine.
Cordelia emailed me.  "June 16 AM Comm heard from Dianthus, Prairie Gold and In Concert. Also heard conversations between Concussion, Corvus and Panacea. Aggressive was in sight on the AIS. All is well. Not of a fun night of very light winds out of WNW (4-8 kts), which dropped to almost zero this AM. Lots of flogging and banging - even went backwards for a spell. Tried the Code 0 and got a good couple of hours out of it before a squall came through. After that the wind filled back in from the NE at 8-10, juggling things up a bit, putting leeward boats to windward. We seem to be in a warm eddy that showed on the charts with about 0.5 kts unfavorable. Of note, last night at 2045 Trouble No Trouble called 806 with a leaking keel box (I believe). His position was 33d 10.10 N 64d 29.524 W. After speaking to several boats, and assessing his situation, they called in a pan pan to Bermuda radio and began heading back." (Editor's note: Cordelia evidently is mistaking TNT for Pocket Rocket who turned back last night not TNT)
806 emailed me.  "Good Morning Roy. All is well on 806. No contact with Trouble No Trouble this am. Last VHF contact before being out of range with Pocket Rocket was 22:00 last night. They reported situation stable making 4.5 knots towards Bermuda. Spoke with Yankee Girl this am. All good with hin. No wind here."
Trouble No Trouble emailed me. "TNT is doing well. Sitting in a hole devoid of wind. About 60Nm from Bermuda. Nimros and 3 other boats are near us."
Choucas emailed me.  "All is well with the Class2. The only boat that did not came up on the VHF is Perseverance.. they must be going at their own pace."
Corvus called in. Reported in around 1830 and said he was having mechanical; problemswith his furling so he is under main and staysail.
Dianthus called in. Reported he talked to Cordelia who had a blown spinnaker, and In Concert who blew his code 0.
Prairie Gold called in and reported all ok.

15 June 2100 - Pocket Rocket emailed me that he is returning to Bermuda unassisted.  Keel problems.  806 has been communicating with him.
Halcyon looks like it is back on its way to Newport.

15 June 1900 - Concussion InReached me.  "7:05pm est. 32 59| 64 38. Gillette's is in front of me a few miles, Yankee Girl is to the west. Nice evening. Wind is about 9-10. Seas are choppy."
Pocket Rocket "Hi Roy, marcus from Pocket Rocket. Just wanted to check in from my inReach. All good here."
Upstart texted me. "Upstart reporting all is well with choucas serina breakaway concussion gillette and barcenova."
Cordelia emailed me.  "Great sailing this afternoon and early evening. Winds are 10 -12 knots NW. Heard from Aggressive, Prairie Gold, Dianthus, and In Concert as well as Perseverance and Panacea. All is well with everyone. No issues and all is well."
Windswept emailed me. "I have Panacea, Yankee Girl, and Bluebird in sight. No report from Yankee Girl or Bluebird. Panacea reports that all is well. He also was in contact with Carina and reports all is well. No news from Nimros.
Just after rounding Kitchen Shoals, it appeared on my AIS that both Corvus and Tyche had turned back towards Bermuda. Have they retired from the race? (Note, NO) The weather predictions were about as wrong as possible. Instead of a beam/ broad reach, we are once again hard on the wind. At least the wind is manageable at 6-10 knots. Time for dinner."
Dragon called.  Spoke with Toothface2, J Hawk, Solarus and Inigo Montoya. Wind about 10 kts N looks like shifting to the East.
806 emailed me. "806 reporting in that all is well in the Mini Fleet. No problems to report on any of the 3 boats as of the 19:00 chat schedule on the 15th. We're seeing 5-10 knots of breeze with quite a confused sea. Tony."

15 June - Tyche InReached me.  "Nice sailing with 8 apparent and it's swinging gradually to the west. We are doing 350. Need 335."
Concussion InReached me.  "Hello, Roy! This is Concussion. The wind is about 6kts out here, but the sun is out and it is a beautiful day!"

15 June - you will notice that there are emails now from InReach boats.  I discovered that InReach for some reason this year is not getting there messages to my email address.  They changed to a different email address and I am now receiving the InReach messages.  I was wondering why I wasn't receiving any messages from those boats.  Felt not wanted!

15 June - And they are off.  The classes started at 0900 however in about reverse order this time. Class 4, Class 6, Class 3, Class 2, Class 1.  Wonderful time minus the short rain shower we had; not supposed to rain on the Race Committee.  A J boat and several high speed ferries vied for the Cut space  with the fleet.  All went well however Halcyon is headed back.  A repair to the back stay needs a little mod. Halcyon is anchored waiting for Vernon Hultzer to help out. Alan Oatley and his daughter Julian provided the boat and manpower as well as Eric Johnson and Fred Green.

14 June - The weather brief was provided by Gary Hall and Jen Smith of Bermuda Weather Service.  I finished off with the specifics for the race.  Next, all had to go through customs. We start 0900 EDT tomorrow.